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Software Development

GSM Solutions has been on the forefront of GSM / phone unlocking software development since the late 90s. We have developed programs which are used worldwide by mobile phone service providers and retail outlets. If you have a program you would like developed to your exact specifications, Please contact us for latest prices.

In addition to the programs we develop in house we also maintain a well-stocked inventory of all the latest GSM Service & mobile phone unlocking software for the following phone manufacturers: Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, Benq, Ericsson, Panasonic, Philips, Alcatel, Mitsubishi, Sony, Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, Sharp, Sagem, LG, NEC, Sendo, VK Mobile, Palm, 02, i-mate, Qtek, Blackberry, Bird, Pantech etc.

Below are some of the most popular releases we have developed. We can tailor any software package to suit your requirements including company branding which can include logos, intergrated links etc. When you purchase a software product from us you recieve FREE 6 months updates, and full email and telephone support 6 days a week.

Nokia MasterCode Generator V1.0 NEW! Download MasterCode Brochure

Compatible with ALL Microsoft Windows OS's
Standalone program - NO Internet connection required.

Our latest release to date is the Nokia MasterCode Generator. This unique program will calculate a unique master code which will bypass the security/lock code on Nokia handsets. We have simplified this program for optimum use; simply enter the phones IMEI and click calculate – within a split second the MasterCode will be displayed on screen.

The development and release of this program will give you an excellent opportunity to have the leading edge on you competitor. So the next time a customer arrives looking to remove the security from thier phone there will be no need to use any hardware, no need to flash the phone or use any potentially damaging brute force method to remove the security code. Our master code generator is based our Nokia’s original algorithm which is integrated into the program to give you an excellent resource when and where its needed. Customers who have bought any of our previous software releases will automatically receive a discount when purchasing any future software products .

Screen shot from Nokia MasterCode Generator V1.0

FoneCalc v3.0 NEW! Download FoneCalc Brochure

Compatible with ALL Microsoft Windows OS's
Standalone program - NO Internet connection required.

FoneCalc v3.0 is one of the latest, most reliable unlocking programs to be released onto the world market, this software will enable you to calculate unlock codes for the following range of models, Nokia, Samsung, Vitel, Panasonic, AEG, Siemens, Maxon, LG, and NEC.

If you are serious about getting into the business of mobile phone unlocking then this piece of software is an essential tool.

This program will also enable you to offer the service of remote unlocking, i.e a person contacts you with their phone details including serial number etc, then you simply enter these details into the program and within seconds the unlock code will be displayed on your screen, you can then supply the unlock code over the phone or by email to your customer, this removes the need to purchase expensive hardware. It also comes complete with an extensive help menu, 6 months support and updates.
If this is not pratical for you we also have available a handheld device which will unlock exactly the same models, this device requires no computer and can be operated by someone with very little knowledge of unlocking etc.., to find out more about the handheld version Click here

Screen shot from FoneCalc v3.0

Nokia DCT4 calculator

The Nokia DCT4 calculator can calculate unlock codes for ASIC 2 and ASIC 5 Nokia DCT4 handsets.
The program is no longer in development.

Screen shot from Nokia DCT4 calculator

Siemens Professional Service Software

The Siemens Professional Service Software functions include:

  • Unlock.
  • Re-lock.
  • Write flash function for Eeprom, Filmware, Bootcore, Custom.
  • Read flash function for Eeprom, Filmware, Bootcore, Custom.
  • Restore/backup battery parameters from phone.
  • Create/Load map to phone.
  • Create/Load log to phone.
  • Update IMEI function.
Screen shot from Siemens Professional Service Software

Nokia DCT 4 Test Mode Activator NEW!

The Nokia DCT 4 Mode Activator was developed to put Nokia DCT4 handsets into various modes as used when repairing, unlocking or modifying the firmware. This program can give you an example of some of the commands used when interfacing with Nokia handsets. The source code used to write this program is Visual Basic.

Please feel free to download and distribute this software: users are hereby granted permission to duplicate and distribute the program, to give exact copies of the original version to anyone and distribute the version of this software and documentation in its unmodified form.

Download (DCT4_ModeActivator.rar, 75.5 kb).

Screen shot from Nokia DCT 4 Mode Activator

Gsm Solutions ToolBar & ChatClient NEW!

The Gsm Solutions ToolBar & ChatClient has been released as an extra communications tool for customers and Dubphones members who need instant support from Gsm Solutions for our range of products and services. With the chat feature users will be able to chat with one another in realtime in a private chat room that only users of the toolbar will have access to.

Other features include;
  • Includes a cookie cleaner, a history cleaner, and a cache cleaner
  • Get notified when you receive new e-mails to your POP3
  • Instant access to our site from any site on the web
  • Search from anywhere on the web
  • Get instant access to useful links
  • Chat with other users who have the toolbar installed
  • Phone Unlock Button
  • - Dubphones Direct Link Button
  • Direct Contact Button
  • Weather button (worldwide)
  • Scroll Ticker
  • Time digital
  • Pop-Up Stopper
  • ...and more

  • Download (Gsm Solutions ToolBar & ChatClient, RAR 742 kb).
    A FireFox version can be downloaded Here

    Screen shot from Gsm Solutions ToolBar & ChatClient

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